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Knobs + Oscillator

So this was done quite a while ago… it’s an Arduino wavetable based oscillator. In this instance, I have two oscillators running out one PWM channel. The wavetable is 8-bit with 256 sample points. At the moment I have three waveforms to choose from: sine,...

Wake up!

In the next few days, I’ll revive the “shifty” board and put a video showing what I did in AUGUST!

Shifty LCD

I stayed up a little late last night and added the LCD I mentioned in my last post to my setup. I left the LEDs in the circuit to help debug the signaling to the panel which was a good thing as when I first powered the circuit, nothing showed up on the LCD. After...


So two weeks ago I showed the sound gizmo I sent my friend. While it’s a neat sound maker, it’s decidedly weak in the user interface department. There are three items I want to add to make it more musician friendly, namely: A display to show parameters and options...


Last week I mailed a very late birthday present to a friend. It was the first real “sketch” of the noise maker I’m getting the confidence and experience to build. In the process, I got practice soldering, tweaking the filter by looking at the output with an o’scope,...


In 2nd or 3rd grade, I sat in the gymnasium of Blue Grass Elementary school with 20 of my classmates and saw a 16mm film that featured “technology of the future” (this was in the early 70’s). Among the showcase of electronic computers “smaller...
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