Last week I mailed a very late birthday present to a friend. It was the first real “sketch” of the noise maker I’m getting the confidence and experience to build. In the process, I got practice soldering, tweaking the filter by looking at the output with an o’scope, reading resistors and the like. Lots of fun!

Anyway, here’s a picture of what he got

So what is this mess anyway? It’s:

  • A Propeller protoboard (the large board everything’s soldered to)
  • A R/C filter for audio output (board on the top)
  • A SDCard interface with C64 chiptunes (board on the right)
  • A pushbutton (sticking out of the top right)

What does it do? I won’t tell you but I will show you via a very short video clip of the prototype:

What’s next? Check back (or subscribe) and I’ll show you.

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