In 2nd or 3rd grade, I sat in the gymnasium of Blue Grass Elementary school with 20 of my classmates and saw a 16mm film that featured “technology of the future” (this was in the early 70’s). Among the showcase of electronic computers “smaller than refrigerators” playing checkers and helium neon lasers creating holograms, the film featured Bob Moog and one of his famous modular synthesizers. The exotic sounds and the oscilloscope visualizations of them were so fascinating and I just knew I had to learn how to change a pile of parts and cables into beeps and buzzes.

But really, this fascination was really a logical extension of banging rhythms out on the kitchenware as a baby and years later using dad’s shortwave radio and tape recorder and mom’s hairdryer hose to make a tone source and sound effect chain.

Anyway, thanks to Radio Shack and their classic “150-in-1” kit which had many sound effect circuits, I was able to learn a little about electronics and a lot about making sounds.

So, what is this website about? It’s my continuing journey to delight and annoy, to share and learn, and to connect with like-minded people.

I hope you enjoy the sights on the way!

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